International Yoga and Ayurveda School

Teachers training courses-Italy

The training courses for yoga teachers “Surya Yoga” method, directed by Master Amadio Bianchi (Suryananda) and with the external participation of other teachers and experts, from this year will be held in the following locations: Milano, Cagliari and Sassari.
The courses, open to everyone, even to who only wants to deepen this discipline, will last 4 years and at the end, after discussing the thesis, a certification is given.
There will be meetings (during the week-ends) in the following seats:


For information: Master Amadio Bianchi  335 68 24 330


For information: Giusy Ledda  349 23 48 243


For information: Angela Gambino  328 62 62 832


For information: Master Roberto Mattei  335 82 49 114


For information: Enrico Penini  338 36 08 358