International Yoga and Ayurveda School

Surya Verona
International Yoga and Ayurveda School by Master Amadio Bianchi
With the patronage of E.Y.F.  (European Yoga Federation)
and WORLD M.Y.A.( World Movement for Yoga and Ayurveda)
C/O Il Contatto via montepastello 14/C 37057 San Giovanni Lupatoto (Vr).


  Responsible:  Filippo De Franceschi,  
  Mobile 349 5131042 





Master Student of Ayurveda. He attended Master Amadio Bianchi’s courses finishing his training on ayurvedic manipulation, some aspects of  the Indian Medicine Therapy and Theory. He frequently cooperates with the Master and he’s promoter of the courses that take place in some region of Italy, especially in oriental Veneto. Filippo created, signed and made precious settings in ayurvedic philosophy style.





   "The 152 manoeuvres of the Ayurvedic massage" (Master Amadio Bianchiand his collaborator). Limited enrolements, book at 335 6824330. Dates to be defined

"Special Ayurvedic Therapeutic techniques” (Master Amadio Bianchi): Pindasweda (massage using warm tampons), Navarakhizi (The Sweat Therapy), Shirodhara (medicated oil is continuously poured onto the forehead), Patra (oil tampons), Ubatana (exfoliation), Udvartana (treatment using dry herbs)Garshana (exfoliating treatment). Dates to be defined, limited number, please call 335 68 24 330.


Subjects and dates to be defined.


Subjects and dates to be defined.


During the year Master Amadio Bianchi gives ayurvedic consultations, by appointment.


Ayurvedic massage, Shirodhara (oil poured on their head) Pindasweda (tampons dry), Navarakizi (wet swab), Patra (buffer Oil), Ubatana (Scrub & masks Indiana), Udwartana (Treatment with Herbs dry), Garshana (Technique Thinning anti fat)


Evening course and seminars: dates to be defined.