International Yoga and Ayurveda School


Surya Yoga avails itself of a precise and integral system that, gradually and sweetly, promotes the positive evolution of the different levels, from the physical to the spiritual one, of the human constitution; it lets arise the qualities that are adequate to face the transcendental experience.
In general, we can resume this system in the review of the following points, each one of them including the respective experience’s methods:
For the classical Yoga:
YAMA (abstinences): the first stop in the Yoga itinerary
NYAMA (observances): second stop of the classical Yoga.
Athletic-respiratory exercises, ASANA, that give health, thinner, strength and lucidity by supporting the body-mind harmonization.
The breathing, PRANAYAMA, that has a beneficial action on the nervous system, on heart, lungs, by reducing the stress’ effects.
The capacity of self-interiorizing, PRATYAHARA, and free the activity of senses from the external objects’ influence.
The concentration, DHARANA, that improves the attention and strengthens the memory.
The meditation, DHYANA, as a process of the conscience’s expansion.
The perfect concentration, SAMADHI, and the most complete self-fulfillment.
The relaxation, CETANAKRIYA and NIDRA YOGA that favor the physical, mental and emotional relaxation.
KUNDALINI YOGA or TANTRA, for the awakening and use of the vital energy.
For the Hindu culture:
FROM VEDA TO SANATANA DHARMA – The ethic in the cosmic order
DHARMA, ATMAN, KARMAN – The basis of the orthodox Hinduism
MAHABHARATA and BHAGAVAD GITA – the most important Indian epic texts.
ASHRAMA – The four stages of Brahman’s life according to the traditional scheme DARSHANA – The six points of view or the most known schools of thought of the Indian world Nyaya, Vaisheshika, Samkhya, Yoga, Purvamimansa and Vedanta. PURUSHARTHA – The four purposes of man’s existence: Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha.
The peculiar characteristic of the physical-dynamic practices of the first levels of this system is the teaching of 14 types of
Surya Namaskara (sun salute, 5 of those belong to the tradition and 9 conceived by the founder). There is also some exclusive method of breathing training, of relaxation, of the awakening of consciousness and of meditation.