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The products packed in glass bottles of one litre are:

The first 4 products sold by a hand-made oil company, that bring the typical label of the Surya line, products recommended by Master Amadio Bianchi, are already on sale. The quality-price relationship is very interesting. For further informations.

Sesame oil: the most widespread and utilized in Indian Ayurvedic medicine in remote antiquity for its particular peculiarities. Its composition of fat saturated acids is at most the 15% and it’s rich in fat mono-non-saturated acids, the most important is the oleic acid (30-40%), and fat poly-non-saturated acids, mainly linoleic acid and other essential fat acids (40-50%).

Sweet-almonds oil: sweet-almonds are used for their oil, because they do not contain stimulation’s substances of bitter (and toxic) taste. It has little viscosity and it’s very proper to be used for massages, especially in aesthetics. It is rich in oleic and linoleic acids.

Sunflower seeds oil: fat of vegetal origin made by the seeds of the plant helianthus annuus (composite family). It’s made of lipids for its 99,9%, 12% of those are saturated, 35% mono-non-saturated and 52% of poly-non-saturated with E vitamin.

Grape-seed oil: the highly non-saturated oil of the grape seeds is obtained from the grape’s pulverized hazels  (vitis vinifera). The grape-seed oil is much used in cosmetic preparations and for massages. It’s the oil that has the main quantity of linoleic acid (70%), but the saturated fat acids are less than the 10%. If it is extracted with pressure it preserves the E vitamin and the anti-oxidizing of grapes and it can replace, for its good qualities, the sunflower or maize oils.

Selling conditions: the oil will be given into glass bottles of 1 liter, in boxes of 121 liters. The prize includes transport (national territory, islands excluded) and cash on delivery.


Sesame: euro 9,00+iva 4%

Sweet almonds: euro 10,00+iva 4%

Sunflower: euro 5,60+iva 4%

Grape seed: euro 7,00+iva 4%

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