International Yoga and Ayurveda School

Surya Roma 2
International Yoga and Ayurveda School by Master Amadio Bianchi
With the patronage of E.Y.F. (European Yoga Federation)
and WORLD M.Y.A.( World Movement for Yoga and Ayurveda.

C/O Alidea s.r.l. via Vincenzo Tieri, 140 00123 Roma



  Responsible: Eugenio de Angelis  Alidea s.r.l.
  Tel. 06 30 89 43 10
348 3707334

  Email:   alideasrl@tiscali.it




Well-known in the field of  well-being and aesthetics for his qualified experience, he is the subsidiary head of Intégrée Group.




 " The 152 manoeuvres of the Ayurvedic massage plus Special techniques” Date to be definied.

Group of students in Alidea

Master Amadio Bianchi with Irene, a student of

The master in Alidea during a lesson


The Master with Irene


With Rita from Roma

A good student of the last course

Cristian, a Rumanian student


 Two colleagues, students of the Master, at the Alidea Center

Master Amadio Bianchi
during a lesson.