International Yoga and Ayurveda School


Principal subjects that courses deal with

practical techniques (hands and oil):

1) "The 152 manoeuvres of the ayurvedic massage", 2) "Ayurvedic massage with stretching", 3) "Indian Head Massage", 4) "The 84 Manoeuvres of the stretching techniques which were used in ancient Indian monasteries ".

 hands-on approach to wellbeing:  

1) "Ayurvedic cosmetics", Ayurvedic beauty treatments, 2) Slimming techniques 

special therapeutic techniques:

Pindasweda (massage using warm tampons), Navarakhizi (The Sweat Therapy), Shirodhara (medicated oil is continuously poured onto the forehead), Ubatana (exfoliation), Udvartana (treatment using dry herbs)Garshana (exfoliating treatment).

 theory: 1)"The basis of Indian medicine", 2) The diagnosis of the eight arms, 3) Pulse diagnosis, 4) "Ayurvedic diet", 5) Dose and sub dose, 6) Dathu, 7) How to read into the human body, 8) The Sapta Bindu and the seven regions of the brain.


Yoga teachers training courses with international recognition

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