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Italy and abroad:

In this page you find the activities that we carry out outside our Official Schools (see Home page: 15 schools in Italy and 4 schools abroad).

26-31 of May 2008, Delhi (India): participation to the Global Yog Festival 2008.

21- 22 of June 2008,
Vienna (Austria): Participation to the 1st EuAA European Ayurveda Association Congress.

27 of June -13 of July 2008,
Posada (Sardegna-Italy): Seminar - Yoga and Ayurveda.

30 of July - 3 of August 2008,
Koblenz (Germany): participation to the Ayurveda Seminar with Doc. Vasant Lad.

12-17 of August 2008,
San Paolo (Brazil): participation to the Yoga and Ayurveda for Peace Congress.

13 of  September 2008,
Treviso (Italy): participation to "Yoga Yoghismo" Congress, (Yoga and Ayurveda Workshops, Round Table and Meeting with the representatives of Associations).

15-22-29 of September 2008,
Dalmine (Bg-Italy): Marma and Marmani course - Indian massage to the head.

23 of September 2008,
Virle Tre Ponti (Bs-Italy): beginning of the evening course “The 152 Manoeuvres of Ayurvedic massage plus Special Techniques”.

3-5 of October 2008,
Warsaw (Poland): participation to the International Congress of Yoga, Ayurveda, Indian Dance, Music and Singing.

6-13 of October 2008,
Dalmine (Bg-Italy): course “The traditional Kerala massage”.

16-21 of December 2008,
Jaipur (India): participation to the 3rd World Ayurveda Congress & Arogya.

21-22 of February 2009,
Dusseldorf (Germany): participation to the 1st congress of EuAA European Ayurveda Association.

6-14 of May 2009,
Montreal (Canada): Yoga & Ayurveda seminar.

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