International Yoga and Ayurvedic School

C.Y.Surya Milano
International Yoga and Ayurveda School by Master Amadio Bianchi
 With the patronage of E.Y.F. (European Yoga Federation)
and WORLD M.Y.A.( World Movement for Yoga and Ayurveda)
 Seat: Via Fleming, 19 (Stair D, ground floor) 20147 Milano Tel. 02 48 71 28 63

  New Board of Directors 




   Course Anuloma Kerala massage and massage Pratiloma of the 152 maneuvers. Dates to be defined.

  Every Monday from 8.30pm to 10.30pm (you can join it during the whole year) evening course ”The 152 manoeuvres of the Ayurvedic massage plus Special techniques”with Master Amadio Bianchi and his partners.

  20.30-22.30 hours Monday night to manual techniques Ayurvedic Pindasweda (hot pads dry), Navarakizhi (hot pads wet), Patra (buffer oil), Udvartana (treatment with herbal poultices and dry), and Pichu Shiropichu (applications tablets are hot), Shirodhara (casting on the head), and Lepan Shirolepan (application of compounds) Garshana (technical antiadipe) Ubatana Ayurvedic and Cosmetics (facials, massage, mask, steam, treatment astringent) Shirobasti (application oil on the head), pizhichil (Kayaseka) and Pariseka (casting oil on the body), Crater (Urovasti, sternum; Kidney Dhara, kidneys, Netra Basti, over his eyes, Kati Basti, back, Janu Basti, knees ; Greeva Basti, neck, etc..) Nasya (nasal) with Master Amadio Bianchi.

  every Monday 20,30-22,30 (with possibility of inclusion throughout the year) course:
"The 152 maneuvers of Ayurvedic and Techniques Special" with Maestro Amadio Bianchi and his collaborators.

   Thursday evening 20.30-22.30 hours for the duration of 8 evening meetings "Padagata, Kalari massage with their feet". Maestro Amadio Bianchi. Dates to be defined..

   Yoga and Ayurveda: "The 84 Ancient Stretching Maneuvers of monasteries Indians" Unlock the entire body through the application of 84 ordered stretching maneuvers with Master Amadio Bianchi Friday (holiday), Saturday and Sunday, 9.30 / 18.00 in possibility of free accommodation until beds. Dates to be defined.

   Abhyanga: Ayurvedic massage according to the Indian tradition of Kerala. Dates to be defined.


 Special Seminar for training of Ayurveda Therapists, with:Dr. Josè Rouguè Ribeiro Junior

José Ruguê Ribeiro Júnior (Brazil), Graduated in Medicine in 1981, Doctor’s degree in Clinic and Intensive care.
Professor of Ayurveda at the Anhembi Morumbi University of Brazil. President of the Sri Vajera Foundation. He teaches in Brazil, Portugal, Italy, Canada, Argentina.


   Every Thursday at SURYANAGARA - Via Teramo 5 - Milano Tel 02 89150917 338 3116126 from 20.30 to 22.30 Reading the Bhagavad Gita with commentary by Swami Saraswati Suryananda Yogacharya Amadio Bianchi

Master Amadio Bianchi (every day by appointment)

Doc. Josè Rugue Ribeiro Junior (during specific periods by appointment)

Doc. Prof. Subhash Ranade (during specific periods by appointment)

Doc Sunanda Ranade (during specific periods by appointment)

 ***Treatments by appointment:

Abyangam (Ayurvedic Massage),Pindasweda (massage using warm tampons), Navarakhizi (The Sweat Therapy), Shirodhara (medicated oil is continuously poured onto the forehead), Pichu and Shiropichu (treatment using warm herbal compresses), Lepan and Shirolepan (application of herbal paste), Ubtana (exfoliation), Udvartana (treatment using dry herbs), Garshana (slimming treatment),  Shirobasti (a technique of bathing the head in medicated oils using a special apparatus), Pizzichili and Pariseka (soothing stream of herbal oil is used to bathe the entire body) the craters: Heart Dhara (on the heart), Kidney Dhara (of the kidney), Netra basti (eye treatment), Nasya (for clearing toxins and congestion from the head).Ayurvedic cosmetics, Ayurvedic beauty treatments, Slimming techniques.




  Every Monday evening, hours 19.00-20.15: Course theme "re-education to breathing, relaxation techniques and preparing for the Indian meditation with Master Amadio Bianchi.

   "Training Course National and International Yoga Teachers' Sponsored by World MYA (World Movement for Yoga and Ayurveda), European Yoga Federation, Official Italian Confederation of Yoga, International School of Yoga and Ayurveda CYSurya Milan, Center of Oriental Suryanagara Milan, Roma Association Garbha Yoga, CY Surya Quartu S'Elena (Ca), C. Y. Surya Sassari.


Tuesday from 7,15 to 8,15pm and from 8,30 to 9,30pm / Thursday from 8,30 to 9,30pm Yoga course open to everybody with Master Juan Carlos Acuna Gaso.


Dates to be defined.


  "Diagnosis of breathing with measurings” (Master Amadio Bianchi).  Dates to be defined.





Dates to be defined.


Dates to be defined.

Surya, practitioner of Indian Dance, daughter of Master Amadio Bianchi and Emy Blesio, lives now in India, where she attends the Kalakshetra Academy in Madras, she frequently gives training courses and performances in Italy and abroad and in Milan, also at the C.Y.Surya and Suryanagara associations.

  Email:   surya@danzaindiana.com