International Yoga and Ayurveda School

Suryacandrabhiseka MethodSacred massage of sun and moon.

Through different contacts with Indian doctors and monks, Amadio Bianchi is today the only one who knows this kind of massage that he teaches and practices, also because it is the result of master’s ability to melt methods and knowledge into one complete system.
Come out from laboratory after years of preparation and experiences, today it presents its certain results and its large typology of benefits, obtained on many people.
This massage has an Indian soul, so the Master called it Suryacandrabhiseca. Its first name is linked to sun (Surya in Sanskrit). In our solar system, sun produces life, combined with the female element “Candra” (the moon – “C” is pronounced as in “cheese”) and all important characteristics joined to it.
This massage wants to operate in harmony and equilibrium of male and female in nature. Realization of this equilibrium brings a deep condition of pleasure, joy and satisfaction in general. But it doesn’t disregard therapeutic effect. With the third word “Abhiseca” (“S” is pronounced as in “show”) I wanted to remind an ancient consecration’s rite that consists in a sprinkling or greasing with water and other subsidiary rites, only for kings. Its aim was to guarantee extension to life, or even immortality to kings.
This method offers different benefits: first of all, it is an integral element to prevent consequences of psychophysical derangement, but on a specific physical level it gives agility to body, improves blood circulation
, it revitalizes “dead” points of body, that tend to loose sensitiveness, it also works on glands and it is relaxing and disintoxicating. From an emotional point of view, it arouses passion and brings unexpressed energy out of patient, turning it in love at any level.
In this massage we use sesame oil, used in India and, especially in winter, we warmed it up. Melted with some drop of scented essence, it is used to treat the whole body (even hair).
In our association’s seat, we do individual treatments and we organize, also in different places, courses to learn the 152 manoeuvres that form the integral method, at the end of courses a qualifying certification is given.