International Yoga and Ayurveda School

 Board  del C.Y.Surya



                         Master Amadio Bianchi

President of World Movement for Yoga, International Yoga and Ayurveda School C.Y. Surya, Milan, Italy, Vice president of European Yoga Federation, General Coordinator of World Movement for Ayurveda, General Coordinator and Ambassador of European Ayurveda Association, Ambassador of The World Community of Indian Culture and Traditional Disciplines The Founder Member of World M.I.F.A. World Movement for Indian Fine Arts.

Comitato Direttivo di Milano

                        Juan Carlos Acuña Gaso

Ayurvedic Therapist and Yoga TeacherHe diligently attended Master Amadio Bianchi’s courses and completed his manual Ayurvedic studies.

Comitato Direttivo di Milano

Valsa Joseph

 was born in Kubidi - Kerala (India).
She has been medical laboratory assistant from1991 to 1993 and chemist assistant from 1994 to 1995. She graduated as Ayurvedic Therapist in 2003 at the SP Ayurveda Hospital of Cochin (India) Ayurvedic School, under the guide of doc. Suseela Devi (B.A.M.S.). Today, she teaches under the guide of Master Amadio Bianchi, Ayurvedic traditional Manual Techniques of Kerala, at C.Y.Surya Schools


Comitato Direttivo di Milano


Giovanni Casiraghi

Expert on ayurvedic manipulation techniques, Sporting Massage and Bio-prano-terapist. He obtained the diploma of Indian Ayurvedic Massage and of Special Ayurvedic Therapeutic Techniques at the Yoga and Ayurveda International School C.Y.Surya of Milano, where he attends the international therapist Ayurveda training course.

Responsible of the seat of Varsavia


                   Izabella Demozzi               

Recently introducing  the  C.Y Surya organization  (Scuola internazionale di Yoga e Ayurveda of  Maestro Amadio Bianchi ) in Poland ,  coordinating  the  Miedzynarodowa Szkola Ajurwedy i Jogi – Surya  and aiming to organize  upgrading regular  trainings and  programs  related to Ayurveda and Yoga 
Ayurveda consultant  , owner of the Centrum Ajurwedy based in Warsaw , sole representative in East-Europe  for Dr. Franklin’s Panchakarma Institute and Research center  Kerala (South-India).
Izabella Demozzi is representing Poland in the new European Ayurveda Association (EUAA) as founder member of  the  Polish  Ayurveda Association ( PSA).

Responsible of the seat of Madrid

Mayte Criado

Director of the ESCUELA INTERNACIONAL DE YOGA (Madrid)founder of MEETING OF YOGA "SURYA" and of the "Association for the studies of sound, Yoga and Indian Music". Yogacarini and Yoga Teachers Trainer. Musician, Singer specialist in the use of Mantra and of the Sound (Nada Yoga), in the practice of Hatha Yoga and of Meditation. Member of the European Yoga Federation. President of the Spanish Federation of Professional Yoga.

Responsible of the seat of Cagliari

                                  Giusy Ledda

Giusy Ledda, expert on oriental manipulation techniques, obtained the diploma of shiatsu at the Shiatzu-Do academy of Cagliary, she is a specialist in pregnancy and post-pregnancy and she also obtained the diploma of Ayurvedic Indian Massage and of Special Ayurvedic manipulation techniques at the international Yoga and Ayurveda School CY Surya of Milano. At this school she also attends the international training course for ayurvedic therapist. She attended a course on chinese traditional medicine at the italian School of Naturopathy in Cagliari.

Responsible of the seat of Lisbon

Amandio Albertino Figueiredo

President of Portuguese Yoga Federation since 2000. Director of the Formation of Yoga Teachers, of PYF Practitioner and teacher of other oriental Arts
(AiKiDo, IAiDo, Ten-Chi Tessen).
Ayurveda Practitioner.Regular attendant in “satsangs”, seminaries and conferences, in Portugal and other countries, being in contact with renowned masters, also due to his frequent visits to India and other spiritual centres. Founder of several Yoga Associations.

Responsible of the seat of Roma

Maestro Roberto Mattei

The cultural association for science and arts Garbha-Yoga is born from an idea of Master Roberto Mattei with the aim of spreading the practical and philosophical methods of Yoga. Roberto Mattei, Founder and President of the association, practises Yoga since 35 years and he’s delegate and councillor of European Yoga Federation and of World Movement for Yoga and Ayurveda for the south of Italy.

Responsible of the seat of Brescia

Letizia Navarro

Owner of Il Velo Di Maya, bookshop active since more than ten years and known because of its esoteric trends. Letizia promotes an intense activity of information about the psycho-physical well-being and about the spirituality through the organization of conferences and seminars with the most qualified people in these sectors.

Responsible of the seat of Padova

Lodovico Pamio

Shiatzu Therapist,craniumsacral,FeetReflexology,Tuina,Watsu
“Maxibustione” and“Coppettazione”.Hestudied Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Massage with Master Amadio Bianchi

Responsible of the seat of Vicenza

Filippo De Franceschi

Master Student of Ayurveda. He attended Master Amadio Bianchi’s courses finishing his training on ayurvedic manipulation, some aspects of the Indian Medicine Therapy and Theory. He frequently cooperates with the Master and he’s promoter of the courses that take place in some region of Italy, especially in oriental Veneto. Filippo created, signed and made precious settings in ayurvedic philosophy style.

Responsible of the seat of Roma 2

                             Eugenio De Angelis

Well-known in the field of well-being and aesthetics for his qualified experience, he is the subsidiary head of Intégrée Group.


Responsible of the seat of Verona

Giuseppe Panozzo

He is a Master Student of Ayurvedic manipulation. He attended Master Amadio Bianchi’s courses finishing his training on ayurvedic manipulation, standing out for his devotion to the discipline and to the Master. He frequently cooperates with the Master and he’s promoter of the courses that take place in Verona’s area

Responsible of the seat of Viareggio

Lidia Serafini

Graduated in physiotherapy, nutrition science and aesthetics, she runs the professional regional school for esthetician and hair stylist with her daughters Nadia and Valentina.
Well-known in aesthetics environment for the organization of different refresher courses in the technical-aesthetic field.
She's a veteran of the Intégrée company, in which she works since 28 years and she is now head of department of Toscana.


Responsible of the seat of Genova

Saida Fatima Karimi

Aesthetic Teacher since more than 20 years at the School S.A.P.E. of Genova.
She studied Ayurvedic manual techniques with Master Amadio Bianchi.
She’s specialized in lympho-drainage and reflexology.


Responsible of the seat of Zagabria

Sanja Raca

Ayurveda School at Zaggreb, Croatia is established in 2003. School is specialized for medical and cosmetic professionals. Number of partecipants per education circle is limited to ensure maximal knowledge transfer. Additional dedicated education for wellness centers are held at wellness center premises. During those courses more details are put to cosmetic aspect of Ayurveda Massage and Ayurvedic Tecniques.

Responsible of the seat of Montecatini

Claudia Bellan

Claudia Bellan is manual techniques worker,
graduated in Yoga at Human Sciences Institute of Rome.
She became Ayurveda worker under teaching of Masters Govindan and Amadio Bianchi, and she had experiences in Kerala, India. She is also Reiki Master, pupil of Master Adolfo Soho Brunelli (zen monk). She attended Shatsu School at studies centre Arkè in Bologna, now she’s following Master Amadio Bianchi’s Yoga and Ayurveda
International School.

Responsible of the seat of Como

Mario Favalli

He graduated in Shiatsu, moxa and Chinese traditional Medicine. He is teacher of Danto Shiatsu for the “CSEN”, an association recognized by CONI, by Ministry of the Interior and by Ministry of Health. He attended ayurveda courses at different levels and now he attends the Teacher Training Course at the CY Surya Association of Milano. He is a member of the International Academy of Ayurveda in Pune, India.