International Yoga and Ayurveda School


Luminescentism is a lay way of orientation to psychophysical wellness and to self-achievement that brings to shine of one’s own light. After the personal experience of its founder
Amadio Bianchi, made in contact with Yoga, Ayurveda, oriental and western psychosomatic disciplines and philosophies, today it represents an independent way, free from suggestion of senses of guilt put into practice by other paths, damaged by conviction of controlling the truth and the right.
Its aim is the joy of conscious existence, that is in the heart of one’s own being, due to certainty of human relativity and therefore to impossibility of getting a really objective view. From there, the serenity of being in peace in one’s own situation that comes from acceptance of human reality and from respect of relative ethic.
In 1969, Amadio Bianchi was a professional painter. That year, he had an insight that, we can say, has been relevant to his development. He started to paint his subjects not lighted up by a reflected light, as in nature it appears to senses, but he transfigured them by representing them as shapes-sources of light.
This disturbing insight put him on the way of research. He started a very refined speculation and published two philosophical books; in the first one
“L’Evoluzione” he tried to interpret the nature of manifestation and in the second book “I Simboli” he understood impossibility, for man, to achieve an objective reality, at least with common rational means that he traditionally has at his disposal.
So he started to study Indian disciplines, in particular Yoga, of which he has got years and years of experience. He knew a lot of Masters with who he studied different aspects of spiritual, philosophical and scientific oriental disciplines.
With one of these Masters he shared 5 long years of walk, shining of reflected light. He went to live with him for some months, living the most integral experience of identification and sharing. This episode was very stimulating to his development. So, as in 1969 an insight changed his life, even in this occasion he had an enigmatic push to take the only possible way, the one of responsible self-achievement.
Today Amadio Bianchi teaches to recover the right of being ourselves, to practice love and self-respect for us and for the others, and he suggests how to learn to shine of our own light. He advises the way to bring this individual light to the universal one.

By Amadio Bianchi